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  • February 28, 2017


    Hi! This is Alex Carlson. I started writing Bump to Child back in 2013, I used to be 25 days pregnant with Adamis first boy and quarry - Ethan. After being together because 2002, once we were just 14 years old Adam and I had got married together in August of 2012. A couple of weeks before we explained our vows, we might discovered that we'd be beginning our household so when you're able to possibly visualize, existence felt quite amazing at that time. Therefore I began using and blogging pictures as an easy way to capture levels and these sensations. Our ball and three years on made baby has become only a little kid and he now has a small sibling too - our second little-boy - Logan who had been created in June 2015. I've extended writing and sharing as an easy way and because I to be able to utilize my website and movies as an easy way to remember the little details all that individuals may otherwise forget.

    Why do I blog?

    Since I actually donot wish to overlook, for the massive in the small occasions basically I blog. I want to be able to remember the smallest of specifics when the boys are older, and also to look-back on our memories. I also adore to be able to connect with different Mothers (and Dads) who've kids also. Parenting is remarkable, but itis difficult too and sometimes you simply wish to be ready to quickly relate to individuals who 'get it'.